I am an Australian who has lived and worked in Japan for over 24 years throughout my life. Whilst living in Japan I became very passionate about onsen (Japanese hot springs). As a part of my 50th birthday celebrations in 2017, I decided to set myself a goal of visiting 50 onsens in one year. By December 2017 I had accomplished my mission and in doing so I had one of the best years of my life traveling and exploring Japan through the onsen paradigm!

Through this onsen journey I loved discovering the soul and sensuality of Japan through bathing in natural hot springs in stunning natural settings. I also enjoyed savouring the local food and sake and learning about the culture of the various onsen regions in Japan.

There is so much more to discover. Since the end of 2017, I have continued to pursue my passion for onsen and am onto phase 2 which is “50 more onsens“! I hope to continue with similar themes as well as deepening my knowledge of the healing powers of onsen.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers and supporters! I have loved sharing the journey with you, and trust that you will continue to enjoy the ride. My hope is that one day you too will be able to visit these onsen and enjoy the amazing experiences first hand!

Lindsey Bridges