I am an Australian expat living in Tokyo and am very passionate about onsen (Japanese hot springs) so as a part of my 50th celebrations I have set myself a goal of visiting 50 onsens in 2017! In my mind I figure why not make it a “birthyear” of celebrations vs just a birthday! Given that I work full time, my onsen trips will need to be scheduled on the weekends and I will be aiming to visit a new destination every weekend and to cover as many regions as possible.

My quest is to EXPERIENCE & LEARN along the way and I look forward to sharing with others who are also passionate about Japan and the onsen experience. I have never written a blog before, so the learning has already begun! I have also discovered that there are over 3,000 hot spring resorts so I don’t think I am going to be short of choices! By the way, this number is only those hot springs with resort facilities. The total number according to the Ministry of Environment is 26,796 hot springs….!

Through this onsen journey I am also really looking forward to discovering and sharing the soul and sensuality of Japan through the amazing nature and scenery throughout the 4 seasons, the local food, sake and culture of the various onsen regions along with deepening my knowledge of the healing properties of the onsen. Looking forward to sharing the onsen bliss!!